Document Management System

ITLAQ DMS is a complete web-based solution developed using SharePoint Technology. D​MS ​is supported by dynamic features including OCR, DocViewer, Annotation, Attachments, Scanning, Searching, and much more. DMS is integrated with MS Office, Active Directory and any of LoB applications.

General Key Features

  • Built over MS SharePoint Platform
  • Customizable integrated solutions to accommodate organization operations
  • Flexible & easy for integration
  • Proper to any size & type of business
  • Multilanguage Web-Based Interface
  • Improve collaboration among employees, customers, vendors & partners
  • Insure compliance with regulations & standards
  • MS office integration support
  • Visualize of Workflow Engine (Nintex)
  • Superior security features
  • Powerful search
  • Out-of-the-Box Operational, analytical KPI reports
  • Integrated & powerful Report Builder
  • Export reports into third-party applications such as Word, HTML, PDF, Email & Excel for more statistical analysis & manipulation
  • Recycle-bin Management
  • Integrated notifications through an on-screen Po-pup, Email or SMS
  • Responsive design & Mobile support
  • No need to write one single line of codes

Itlaq Technologies

Document Annotation

  • Ability to add/ update / delete annotations
  • Support versioning
  • Print the document with or without annotation
  • Ability to add/ update/ delete live stamps, text stamps, shapes & barcode

Attachments Management

  • One single point tree-view style that binds all attachments
  • Create folders to store, secure & organize documents
  • Control security by single attachment
  • Upload single/multiple files
  • Link attachments with other attachments, documents or forms
  • Copy attachments from other forms, items or document´s attachments

  • Itlaq Technologies  


  • Supports more than 33 international languages such as (Arabic, English, Deutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, etc.)
  • High recognition technology may reach over 98% of page contents
  • Ability to let the user select area in the page to recognize text for a quick processing & less resources consuming
  • Including an image processing tools to enhance pages & images quality for a better & more accurate ocr

Document Scan

  • Web-Scan support using direct or network Scanner
  • Batch scanning
  • Changes resolution, page size, orientation, brightness, contrasts, threshold, image clean up (noise reduction, deskew), etc.
  • Save the scanned document as a searchable file with built-in OCR
  • Support all paper sizes
  • Duplex scanning support
  • Provide image tools such as rotate left/right/angel, negate image, zoom, copy & paste, open from a file..etc.
  • TWAIN & ISIS support
  • Navigation features for traversing to next page/previous page or specific page

Document Viewer

  • Preview document without need to install the native app of the document or its viewer
  • Preview document without opening it
  • Preview document pages in thumbnails
  • Supports more than 38 file types such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, CAD, TIFF, etc.

Search Capabilities

  • Richer search providing flexible navigation, refinement, query completion, spell checking, wildcards, phonetic search, stemming & more
  • Out-of-box ranking with relevance factors including social data such as tagging
  • Support search on custom database
  • Custom paging for search result
  • Search for the specified word(s) in the names, descriptions, keywords, custom properties & even inside the contents of document
  • Support wildcards, so user can search on a part of word/s
  • Support Boolean query syntax, so user can simply use AND, OR, NOT logical operators & can search for a combination of words at time
  • Search by fields everywhere in the system to find detailed items quickly
  • Sort the search result according to any Metadata
  • Refine search results by providing filters for search results such as document type, categories & any metadata

Itlaq Technologies