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How to Create, Copy, Update, Move, Delete and Change Item Permissions Using SPARK Workflow
Category: How To
In this video you will see how can build a simple workflow to create new word document file form a word template in a document library, how to update its fields, how to copy this file from a document library to another document library, move it from the source document library to another library, and how to delete this file; simply without writing any code, just drag and drop activities to your workflow canvas, configure them they the way you want and publish the workflow, you could create a very complex workflow structure in few minutes. In this video you will also see how you could set permissions to the newly created file to prevent or grant access to this file.
Automated Tasks Delegation and Central Tasks Management in SPARK Workflow
Category: Workflow Integration
This video will show you how you can create an automated delegation instances for your workflow tasks using SPARK Workflow "My Tasks Delegation" feature. this feature is very important for users and employees when they have to be absent from work because of a vacation or travel, once the user creates a delegation instance, all tasks which will be assigned to him in the future will be automatically delegated to another user within the absent period specified in the instance, the user can specify if this delegation will be applied "Globally" on the entire farm or on a site level for tasks been assigned from within this site, or even on a list level, the user will be able to create multiple instances to delegate tasks to different uses. The Site Administrator can create a delegation instance from any user to any user in case the user is unable to do it by himself. The Video will also show you a new great feature "Central Tasks Management" which allows Site's administrators to delegate or complete tasks on behalf of users in case they have many workflows stuck on a certain user account and that user is unable to access his account for any reason, administrators will be able to do a bulk delegations or complete an entire group of tasks with a click.
How To Create An Approval Process Using SPARK Workflow for SharePoint
Category: How To
This video will show how you can build a powerful approval workflow on your SharePoint list or library using SPARK Workflow in a matter of minutes. You will see how easy you can do that by simply dragging and dropping the "Request for Approval" and the "Request for Review" activities. Also you will see how easy to configure the activities, set a dynamic values, create a dynamic email messages and set how users will respond to their tasks. users will be able to reassign "delegate" their tasks to other users or respond to tasks from within the form itself if the forms are built by SPARK Forms Builder. Users can track their workflow instances visually by viewing their flow graph.
Have a Powerful BPM Solution By Combining SPARK Workflow and SPARK Forms Builder Capabilities
Category: Workflow Integration
This video will show how SPARK Workflow and SPARK Forms Builder for SharePoint become a powerful business process management tool when combining their capabilities. you will see how easily you could create an approval process through SPARK Workflow and let form's users respond, delegate and track actions of the workflow from within the form itself. you don't need to design anything, you could use ready made controls for responding and tracking workflow tasks without the need to write any code, just drag and drop them in your form and you are set to go in less than a minute.
SPARK Workflow for SharePoint - Overview
Category: Workflow Design
This video provides an overview about SPARK Workflow for SharePoint. It shows how you can create a complex workflow structure easily in several minutes and how you can respond to tasks, change items permissions, create a history log and set a custom workflow status. It will show you how to track your running workflow instances visually through SPARK Workflows Tracking system. Through SPARK Workflow you will be able to create List, Site and reusable workflows, easily and efficiently.